Sharing the love of exotic arts

On a  trip to the beautiful, tropical Bali in 2015, we saw these beautiful Balinese paintings and met with exceptional local Balinese artists. We realized the painstaking detail that the artists go through to produce these excellent works of art. We vowed to ourselves to create more awareness in the world for local artists from these exotic locales and support them in the process.

One way that we could support the local artist community is through spreading the joy and appreciation of owning a work of art like this. To make this happen, we figured out a process to painstakingly digitize these brilliant pieces of art at highest possible resolution to ensure minimal loss of detail. We then use high quality pigment based inks that resist fading on sun exposure to print them onto acid free heavy GSM 300 canvas to get a perfect match of the colors and visual textures to the original painting. This process enables us to recreate the rich art that we encountered and enjoyed. It also enables us to share the joy we have of owning a piece of an exotic locales with every one around the world at a fraction of the cost.

We hope these intricate and exquisite works of art encourage you to support local artists from around the world.

Thank you!
Aayush, Venkatesh and Sukriti
The Inks n Oils Team

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